Mental Bulimia
Salutations~ My name is Juliet. George Mason class of 2014, working on my undergrad so I can become a licensed Art Therapist. I am also a short, curly haired, left-handed Aries! This is my personal blog.

Disclaimer: My mind is non-linear, abstract, and logically irrational. Enjoy the rants and the lulz. Welcome to my bulimic Mind.
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I’ve never bought condoms before.


Scumbag Baby Boomer memes are the greatest.

>_> have definitely heard a few of these before..


Poison cake!

The Drunken Spider Martini

Still not sure how to take that whenever he says it…

Had a professor do this to me once. Bitch.


Still not sure how to take that whenever he says it…

Had a professor do this to me once. Bitch.




I decided I needed to make my own advice/spirit animal.

I call him Advice-o-lantern.


I’m not saying this describes me…but only because I don’t want to incriminate myself.


Last weekend and this week have been a week for many “firsts” for me =)

First time getting a 6 am flight.
First time getting on a plane (or arriving from a plane) without my mom.
First time in Colorado!
First time trying so many new things: Oysters, a blonde beer, going on a ski lift, hiking on a legit hiking trail, [attempt at]getting a rental car, and more!~

(me infront of a super creepy mural in the Denver national airport)

So our wonderful friend Saqib picks us up from the airport and we make our first essential stop: MJ shop in central Denver! With a guided tour hahah. THEN the best part of the weekend, SNOOZE breakfast eattery!

(Caprese Benedict shown below!)

After getting the car we ventured into Summit county to our Ski Chalet up in Breckenridge. The trip their was absolute MAGIC, I felt like a fairy. We rolled the windows down and played the local radio, driving down winding cliff-side roads trimmed with sunflowers, lavender, and stunning mountain views along the horizon! Took a few breaks to buy water and make some scenic stops.

(Professional pics to come)

First day was really awesome/exhausting:: drove around Breckenridge and did some walking, had awesome coffee, pastries, delicious Italian lunch, and lots of *locally grown* shopping ;)

DAY 2: Trips to Peek 9 in Breckenridge, a stroll around Beavercreek resorts, and a brief walk around The Town of Vail, dinner at a bar (because I misread a “foodie” magazine and got the bar confused with a legit restaurant lol), and HOTTUB to end the night!!! We made several attempts to do some outdoor activities, but the elements were against us. Regardless, the experience was immensely enjoyable and I will always miss the beautiful weather and tranquility of Summit, CO. The best part was that it’s not the busy tourist season, so not only was everything (ie parking) free, but we didn’t have to share whole restaurants and patios with anyone! =D 

Last day in Breckenridge, Matt and I woke up early and did some hiking!  We meant to do the McCullough Gulch trail, but got confused and ended up doing a side-trail, essentially exploring the base of Quandary Peak. I have stunning photos I will upload later, but it was a truly serene, relaxing experience that really helped me clear my head and inspire! 

First Day in Boulder!

The last morning at the Ski Chalet was cool with some light rain. Matt and I made breakfast, went out for coffee and a little bit of souvenir shopping, and headed out to Boulder! The drive was slow but once we got into the city, spirits were lifted. Boulder is my new favorite vacation place: it’s like a small San Francisco (or maybe Seattle, don’t know yet lol); LOTS of cute coffee shops, lots of locally owned businesses with some chain retailers thrown in (yet awesome, like H&M and the Cheesecake Factory!! LoL), and Pearl St., my new favorite place out West. I wanted some “comfort food” so we found an authentic Japanese restaurant!! Coolest place ever. Japango. YES that is a Jellyfish Tank!!!

Matt and I went back to the apartment and watched FARGO (another film to inspire some fucked up dreams!) and chilled til we fell asleep. 

Today has been cozy. The rain stopped in the afternoon and we had more SNOOZE and then did a bunch of shopping around Pearl St. Meeting with Saqib again for a delicious dinner! 

So many amazing artists!! Louise Bourgeois is my fave.

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EVERY* fall but yeah true true

EVERY* fall but yeah true true

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BREAKING NEWS: Joan Rivers has died at age 81, her daughter announces


BREAKING NEWS: Joan Rivers has died at age 81, her daughter announces

Things I Say While I'm Driving

  • Me: What the fuck are you doing. What. The fuck. Are you doing.
  • Me: Why the FUCK are we not even going to speed limit. Why.
  • Me: Shit is that a cop? No.
  • Me: Shit THAT is a cop.
  • Me: /dinosaur screams/

What happened on March 25 - What happened on my birthday. Today in History. Dates In history

My bday is cool


A girl stops to look at hundreds of jack o’ lanterns at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island (via Fall Is in the Air, Part II - In Focus - The Atlantic)


A girl stops to look at hundreds of jack o’ lanterns at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island (via Fall Is in the Air, Part II - In Focus - The Atlantic)



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Floral dressed

Artist Lim Zhi Wei, aka @lovelimzy discovered her talent for mixed material art, while she was trying to make a very special birthday gift for her grandmother. “I pressed some rose petals and made her a bookmark with a painted girl wearing a petal dress,” explained Wei. “That’s how the floral works started.”

Wei’s elegant compositions are always depicting the delicate shape of the female body, which she draws with watercolor, beautifully blended together with flower petals from orchids, roses, hydrangeas and chrysanthemum leaves.


MORE I Follow us: Inspiring Pieces